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ComPAIR is an open-source peer review application being developed by the University of British Columbia's Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology using a GPL-3.0 license, which means anyone is welcome to download, use, and add to the code via GitHub. ComPAIR is also an official UBC-supported tool all faculty and staff can use.

UBC faculty and staff

Faculty and staff at UBC can most easily get started with ComPAIR by using Canvas. Through Canvas, you can set up a course in ComPAIR that will automatically be populated with your class list. The setup process is guided and only takes a few minutes.

  • Use ComPAIR in your UBC Canvas course:
    Add ComPAIR to the Canvas course's sidebar by editing the course's navigation settings. You can contact the Learning Technology Hub for assistance with this step.

    After the course link is set up in Canvas, click on the link to create your ComPAIR course. (This step is required to properly link your Canvas and ComPAIR courses together.) If you are a completely new user in ComPAIR, you will first be prompted to create an account and then a course.

Visit UBC's ComPAIR tool guide for optional additional instructions about linking to ComPAIR assignments from Canvas.

If you do not want to use Canvas to set up ComPAIR, you may log in to the application directly at . From there, you can add a course and populate it manually using the "Import Users" option found on the "Manage Users" screen inside the course. Note that importing users requires some knowledge of how to download and edit a CSV file of your course's students and means you will need to manage the class list manually (i.e., updating when students add or drop).

Non-UBC institutions and individuals

Outside of UBC, you will need to set up your own instance of the application using ComPAIR's GitHub page , which means having some technical know-how or support available. (If you just want to see the application in action for now, try our demo site .)

A ComPAIR instance requires a minimum of a web server running Python 2.7 or 3 and a MySQL or MariaDB database. We also recommend running Redis and a Celery daemon to reduce server load for certain tasks. The following is a list of options for installing ComPAIR locally.


We provide basic developer documentation and a rough style guide for anyone who plans to contribute to the code.

Try the demo   Download our code

Get to know ComPAIR

ComPAIR is an open-source peer review application that pairs student answers for deeper learning through comparison of peer work