iPeer B2

iPeer Building Block for Blackboard Learn

This project is created by CTLT at UBC

iPeer Building Block for Blackboard Learn

This building block provides tight integration for iPeer to Blackboard Learn.

  1. Create CourseCreate Course: Allowing you to create the course within Blackboard Learn
  2. Manage CourseManage Course: Syncing class list, groups and grades
  3. Role MappingRole Mapping: Defining role mappings between iPeer and Blackboard Learn
  4. Student ModuleStudent Module: Allowing students to see the current events and jumping into iPeer without login again

Other Features:

Single Sign On

This feature allows instructor and student to login login to iPeer from Blackboard Learn directly, without typing in username and password again.

Grade Synchronization

This feature allows instructor to get the grade in iPeer back to Blackboard Learn Grade Center with one click.

System Requirements: