Assignment Planning

View your progress & upcoming assignments & set goals

Assignment Planning view

The Assignment Planning page shows two different assignment visualizations:

Minimum Goal and Grade Progress: At the top of the page you can set a minimum course goal and view a bar showing your current grade, maximum possible grade, and minimum goal grade.

Assignments by Due Date: View upcoming and past assignments by week. For each assignment, you can see when it's due, how much it figures into your final grade, and your grade (for graded assignments).

NOTE: Only assignments that show up in your Canvas course appear in the visualizations.

Minimum Goal

Using My Minimum Goal (%)

minimum goal setting

Grade Progress

Using the Grade Progress Bar

grade progress bar

NOTE: The grades on the progress bar are based on data from your Canvas course. Always consult the syllabus and your instructor for information about how grading works in the course.

Assignments Due by Date

Using the Assignments List

assignment list